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Family Spotlight Indonesia Social Collaboration Projects

Family Spotlight Indonesia, which is a Social Enterprise that helps local communities/sociopreneurs and MSMEs to scale up their business without neglecting the surrounding social impacts, in this case Antakadewa Agriculture, Semesta Agro and Greenprosa which focuses on horticultural agriculture, fisheries, organic waste management, dried fruit, sheep breeding and fattening. also very concerned about the welfare of Farmers as food heroes and their families, breeders and rural communities who in fact put their fate in natural and animal products.


This social project with a potential of more than 3 billion Rupiah is expected to be able to raise the welfare of farmers and their families as the goal of Family Spotlight Indonesia is to eliminate poverty by discovering the potential of families and implementing solutions together.
Hopefully the social investment from Family Spotlight Indonesia to the Partners can inspire other social enterprises and sociopreneurs to be more impactful in doing business. We are ready to collaborate for a more prosperous Indonesia.

Project Kuningan - Antakadewa

Social Investment and Collaboration with Antakadewa Agriculture

Focus on: Agriculture, Healthy Soil, Ecotourism and Farmer Scale Up

The collaboration process began with a family survey in Darma Village, Kuningan Regency, West Java. A survey with a family using survey tools based on technology and social innovation, aimed at helping residents to be able to assess their poverty level and identify specific strategies to address their specific problems and activate the potential of families to move out of poverty. And according to the hypothesis, the majority of surveyed families need additional income and need skills to have an independent income. Thanks to the collaboration with Antakadewa Agriculture, the solution began to be enlightened.


One of the solutions that Family Spotlight currently provides is to provide social investment and collaboration to be able to realize the right assistance, which is based on providing social impacts for families and residents in Kuningan.


Since the investment and collaboration took place, Antakadewa has implemented very constructive work plans, such as starting to build their own farm in which they also collaborate with local farmers, one of which is Srikandi Women Farmers Group. In the collaboration Antakadewa provides a more effective, efficient and economical agricultural concepts, which aims for farmers to produce healthier vegetables. 


As for the impact of this project, many local residents have managed to have jobs or even increase their income. As another impact, Antakadewa succeeded in realizing their goal of introducing healthier vegetables to the population with their agricultural products, such as chilies, spinach, cucumbers, ginger, scallions, onions and others by making their own blend of substances for soil nutrients such as fertilizer, water to make hydroponic soil and vegetables.

Project Banyumas - Semesta Agro

Social Investment and Collaboration with Semesta Agro
Focus on:
Dried Fruit (Lemon, Strawberry, etc) and Community Sheep Farming

Semesta Agro focuses on agriculture (dried fruits) and smallholder sheep farming, not forgetting to also pay attention to the welfare of farmers, ranchers and rural communities who make this their main income.


In this collaboration, Semesta Agro cooperates with local breeders and farmers to work together and share knowledge on sheep farming and agriculture.

One of the collaborations that have occurred is collaboration with local cattle farmers in preparation for Eid al-Fitr, they share profits from the beef sales which came from their farm and thereby increase the income of local farmers. They also create secured and sustained food bank for the farm and simultaneously educating local farmers to to the same. 


Besides that, Semesta Agro also cooperates with lemon farmers, they happened to help the farmers to increase their lemon price in the market. As for other social impacts, Semesta Agro succeeded in cooperating with and assisting millennial farmers in Banyumas, which had become an issue that many young people did not want to continue their work or family business in agriculture, and it was known that one of the main incomes in Banyumas came from agriculture. 


Since our collaboration happened, Semesta Agro has expanded their area of work, now they have their own goat farm, producing not only dried lemons but also lavender, mango, strawberry, butterfly pea, pineapple, and others. They also bought a dehydrator machine to help smooth the production of their dried flower and fruit products.

And from here they are able to help the local community and residents to generate more income, as one of the goals in this project by participating in this project. 

Project Banyumas - Greenprosa

Social Investment and Collaboration with Greenprosa

Focus on: Organic Waste Management and Sheep Farming

Greenprosa focuses on Organic and Non-Organic Waste Management, not forgetting to also pay attention to the welfare of scavengers and waste processors, as well as rural communities who make this their main livelihood.


Many people may not know that waste is a big problem in Banyumas. Greenprosa took the initiative to help overcome this problem, they are working on waste management in collaboration with BSF (Black Soldier Fly), starting from the process of lifting, storing and sorting waste to larvae production.


BSF not only produces organic fertilizer produced from this waste management project, but also produces maggot which can be used as high-protein fish food and has the potential to become a superfood as well as a basic ingredient for cosmetics. This project is a zero-waste project. And also the social impacts that arise such as providing job opportunities for unemployed residents to work in KSM and also cooperating with farmers to become BSF partners.


Not only that, from this collaboration and social investment, Greenprosa has expanded their work area, by renovating the BSF workshop, adding a biopond, buying a waste sorting machine to process waste more effectively and efficiently, and Mendha Adikara Farm, which is an information center. and education for children and local residents about goat farming.


They also have done some engagement with universities and foundations, government that are related to farming or animals and waste management, sharing knowledge on the process of waste management until larvae production.

"We are on going for
the Next Great CollaborationProject"

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