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Family Spotlight is a social innovation tool that allows families to assess their poverty levels and identify customised strategies to overcome their specific problems. 

Our platform was developed in partnership with Fundacion Paraguaya which has spent over 30 years developing tools to identify dimensions of poverty within families world wide. Our platform uses technology and social innovation to find solutions to activate the potential of families to lift themselves out of poverty. 

A quick, practical and visual survey helps families easily identify areas in their lives which are in poverty. With our help, families design and implement a poverty elimination plan based on their specific situation, motivation and skills. 

The Methodology

The Family Stoplight methodology generates poverty elimination plans that go beyond mere subsidies, seeking to disrupt the typical patterns that create and sustain poverty. It breaks down the overwhelming concept of poverty into smaller manageable challenges that can be solved through action. Families evaluate themselves with the help of our Platform. They can prioritise their needs and develop a plan (Life Map) to solve shortcomings step by step.

This visual survey takes about 30 minutes to complete and allows families to see how they are affected by poverty as well as what they can aspire to do. Family Spotlight allows geo-referencing to generate community maps, indicator by indicator. It highlights problem areas which all stakeholders can use to better leverage resources and complement each other in their efforts. 

You can't get rid of poverty by giving people money.” — P.J. O'Rourke

Family Spotlight defines what it means "not to be poor" across six dimensions.



















These dimensions are further divided into 50 indicators. Each indicator is represented by three images and simple explanations that a family uses to complete a self-evaluated survey. Each image represents a situation which defines extreme poverty (red), poverty (yellow) and non-poverty (green). This helps identify the family's status for each specific indicator.

Extreme Poverty



Life Maps

After taking the survey, results are portrayed using colours across Family Spotlight’s 50 indicators. This represents the life situation of families, who then identify their own strengths and goals. Life Maps enable families to understand their needs, which go beyond the basic ones of nutrition, housing and education, amongst others. 


Once the self-assessment is done, families are guided through the process of analysing and determining the reasons behind their reds and yellows, and the solutions that could be implemented. Families can then optimise their efforts in order to obtain better results and turn their reds and yellows into greens.


We provide a network of resources which can help in this process.

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