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As long as poverty, injustice and gross inequality exist in our world, none of us can truly rest.”
— Nelson Mandela.
Working With You

Our corporate clients use Family Spotlight to help focus their Corporate Social Responsibility goals on helping their greatest assets - their employees.


We work closely with your Human Resource department to administer the Family Spotlight survey to your staff to identify areas in which they and their families live in poverty.

Alleviating stressful situations at home leads to more productivity and loyalty from employees which is a direct benefit to companies in today's highly competitive labour markets. 


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Using visuals to help define answers, we present three choices for each question, each with a colour representing Extreme Poverty (red), Poverty (yellow) and Non-Poverty (green). Surveys are country specific but companies can customize certain questions to be relevant to their businesses. 

Once surveys are completed, each employee receives a copy of their "Life Map". This is a visual summary of all the questions answered showing which parts of their lives are red, yellow or green. The Life Map motivates your staff to make changes to their lives so they eventually have as many greens as possible.  Individual employees can prioritise themselves which are the most pressing issues they wish to solve. We then work with you to find solutions to those challenges using our extensive network of NGO's and government programs. 

Every six months or so we encourage your staff to retake the survey and compare the results with their previous survey to show how they have progressed in their lives by moving from reds to yellows to greens. 

Comprehensive Reporting

Family Stoplight activates the potential of individuals and families to eliminate multi-dimensional poverty through a process of self-evaluation that allows families to assess their poverty levels and identify as well as implement practical solutions.

Family Spotlight comes with comprehensive reporting tools that allows you to see an overview of your entire workforce and drill down to individual dimensions of their poverty and further to each individual employee.

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Our reports will show you what is most pressing for your employees and their families in an easy to read, visual format so together we can take action to improve their lives.

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