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Our goal is to disrupt poverty for families living in South East Asia by partnering with businesses who share the same passion and intent for their employees.

Global poverty has been measured for decades. To finally eliminate it, families must be engaged as agents of change in their own lives, regardless of what their income levels are.

Poverty affects every person differently, whether they are living in a family home, in care, or are homeless. The solutions provided by Family Spotlight are not generic but customised to each family’s unique circumstances and situation. 

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“Wars of nations are fought to change maps. But wars of poverty are fought to map change." 
Muhammad Ali
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We are here to help

A realistic evaluation is possible only by studying the gaps between poverty and non-poverty. This reality-check motivates less fortunate families into becoming their own socio-economic change agents so they can lift themselves out of poverty.


By identifying their priority areas and developing their own "Life Map", families are able to connect with the resources they require to address their needs.

And Family Spotlight is here to help. 

How your company can create a sustainable impact

Companies like yours provide income to families. But incomes are only one dimension of poverty. There are many other areas in life which Family Spotlight measures as part of overall, multi-dimensional poverty. You can help create sustainable change for the families who are the lifeblood of you business.


We help you identify areas where you employees need help the most and fins solutions for those challenges in their personal lives. As a result, you build a more productive and loyal workforce, at the same time satisfying your goals as a socially responsible corporate citizen. 

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